$ 75.00

Bolt & Spool

Whether you are posting to-do lists or showcasing memorabilia, this Memory Board - or pele-mele, as it is known in France - will provide an eye-catching and ever changing display of your life in progress. C' est magnifique! Choose finished project size: 18" x 12". Your instructor will be our wonderful friend and local Franco-phile Betsy Begue. Betsy learned this beatutiful art while living in France. 

Pricing includes instruction, all materials and supplies and the pattern and/or directions to take home and make more on your own!

Project Details

  • Project Age: 14+
  • Minimum Number of Guests: 6
  • Maximum Number of Guests: 10
  • Price per Person: $75
  • Note: Various projects to choose from. No sewing.

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Type: Stitch Party  /  Vendor: Bolt & Spool