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20 assorted sewing needles n° 3 to n° 9 in a vintage style booklet printed with a small floral motif on a blue base. This booklet is identical to the presentations of yesteryear: the needles are threaded onto black ribbon and stapled to the card.

Details of the needles:

  • five n°3, measuring 42mm with a diametre of 0,90mm,
  • five n°5, measuring 40mm with a diametre of 0,80mm,
  • five n°7, measuring 37mm with a diametre of 0,70mm,
  • five n°9, measuring 34mm with a diametre of 0,60mm.

Size of booklet : 6cm x 4cm.

All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

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Type: Notion  /  Vendor: Sajou